Medella  Home Physiotherapy Terms & Conditions


  1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing Medella Home Physiotherapy (we/us/our). By booking an appointment with us you are agreeing to these terms.

  1. Appointments

After booking, we’ll confirm the date, time, and the therapist coming to see you.

Change of plans? Tell us at least 24 hours before to avoid fees.

  1. Cancellations

Cancelling with less than 24 hours-notice? A £25 cancellation fee will apply.

Cancelling on the appointment day? A £50 cancellation fee will apply.

If our therapist shows up and the session is cancelled, you’ll also cover the travel cost.

  1. Travel Costs

Our listed prices cover up to 5 miles each way from our therapist’s base. Beyond that, it’s £2.00 for every extra mile. For example, 8 miles away? That’s an additional £6.00.

  1. Equipment & Aids

If you need equipment from us, we are happy to source it for you at cost (we don’t charge any markup on equipment). We don’t keep much in stock, but we can usually get equipment very quickly.

  1. Admin Time

We don’t charge for regular admin work like noting down sessions, emails, or short calls.

But, for big jobs, like in-depth Occupational Therapy work, there might be an extra charge. We can give you a rough idea of the cost.

Formal tasks like report writing, case management meetings, or insurance work are charged at £100 per hour.

  1. How to Pay

We take cards (, bank transfers, and cheques.

You’ll get a monthly invoice. If you can, give us your email address for this.

To pay by card go to

  1. Late Arrivals:

If you’re late for your appointment, we can’t guarantee a full session. You may still be charged for the full appointment time.

  1. Termination of Services:

We reserve the right to terminate our services for any reason.

  1. Pricing Changes

Our fees and charges are subject to change. We will always notify you in advance of any changes.

  1. Holiday & Unavailability:

There may be times when our therapists are unavailable due to public holidays or vacations. We will do our best to inform you in advance and reschedule any affected appointments.

  1. Pets:

If you have pets, kindly inform us in advance to ensure the comfort and safety of our therapists.

  1. Parking:

If our therapists need to pay for parking during home visits, this cost may be added to your bill, unless provided or reimbursed by you.

  1. Session Duration:

A standard session lasts for [X minutes/hours], but this can vary based on the therapy required. Extended sessions might be available upon request and could incur additional fees.

  1. Data Protection

Our privacy policy can be found at

  1. Feedback & Concerns

If you have any feedback, concerns or complaints please contact us through our website: or Facebook page:

  1. Changes to these terms

Sometimes we make changes to these terms so please check back regularly.