How will I recognise my physiotherapist?

Your physiotherapist will have arranged a specific appointment time and place with you over the phone. Our physiotherapist will carry an identification badge as provided by the HPC which they will happily show you on request. They will also wear a branded polo shirt unless by prior agreement they are to visit you in their own clothes.

What records will be kept of my treatment?

In accordance with their Code of Professional Conduct, your physiotherapist will keep written documentation of your assessment. Any information you provide will be kept in strict confidence.

Will you contact my GP?

We may ask your permission to contact your GP or consultant for further information pertinent to providing you with safe and effective treatment.

It is recognised as good practice for physiotherapists to inform your GP of the treatment you received from us and your progress at regular intervals or on discharge from our service. We will however only do this with your permission.

Are you registered with private health insurers?

We are not currently registered with any private health insurers.

Is the NHS able to provide the same service?

The NHS may be able to provide a range of similar services. If you request, we will be happy to discuss with you what services the NHS may be able to provide for you and where you can find out about them. Our physiotherapists have an excellent awareness of NHS services in the local area.