Physiotherapy Prices

Home Visit Price
Initial Assessment (45-60 mins) £60.00
Follow-up (30 mins) £45.00
Follow-up (45 mins) £67.50
Follow-up (60 mins) £90.00
Follow-up (30 mins) with 2 Physiotherapists £67.50
Follow-up (60 mins) with 2 Physiotherapists £135.00

Massage Therapy Prices

Home Visit Price
30 minutes £40.00
45 minutes £60.00
60 minutes £75.00


If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice we may have to charge a £25 missed appointment fee.


We operate a mobile therapy service. Included in the price above is travel for 5 miles (each way) from the therapist’s base postcode.  Each additional mile in excess of 5 (rounded down to the nearest whole mile) will be charged at £1.50 per mile – for example, if you live 8 miles from your therapist there will be a travel charge of £4.50 (3 miles x £1.50) for each appointment. We have therapists located throughout our service area and will do our best to allocate the closest physio with the right expertise for your condition. Any travel charges will be notified and agreed in advance.

Equipment Costs:

Should you require us to provide any equipment or aids for you, we will endeavour to find the most competitive price at that time from a range of suppliers. We hold few items in stock but are normally able to order them for next day delivery.

Admin Costs:

Generally speaking we do not charge for admin time which is accepted as part of our role as physiotherapists – for example our compulsory documentation of sessions and communication with our clients, emails and short phone calls with clients, their carers or other associated Health Care Professionals. Most referrals are accepted as part of this role as well however lengthy referrals for specialist services may be chargeable.

We do charge for any formal admin such as: Formal Report writing, attendance at meetings or case conferences, and pre-reading for insurance case work. This is charged at a rate of £70 per hour

How to Pay

We accept payment by card, cash or cheque. You can pay by card here: Pay Online