Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy: How Our Chartered Physiotherapists Can Help

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in the arms and legs, causing pain, weakness, and numbness. If you or a loved one is suffering from peripheral neuropathy, our chartered physiotherapists can help. Our experts are trained in manual handling and mobility assessment, and can provide personalised therapy to help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Here’s what a physiotherapist can do to help a patient with peripheral neuropathy:

  • Assess Symptoms: A physiotherapist will assess the patient’s symptoms and medical history to determine the underlying cause of the neuropathy. This will help to determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

  • Develop a Personalised Therapy Plan: Based on the assessment, the physiotherapist will develop a personalised therapy plan that takes into account the patient’s individual needs and goals. The therapy plan may include exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as advice on how to manage symptoms and improve overall mobility.

  • Provide Hands-On Therapy: Depending on the patient’s needs, the physiotherapist may provide hands-on therapy to help manage symptoms and improve mobility. This may include massage, stretching, and other manual therapy techniques.

  • Offer Pain Management Techniques: Peripheral neuropathy can cause chronic pain, and our physiotherapists are trained to provide pain management techniques to help alleviate symptoms. This may include the use of heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and other pain management techniques.

  • Provide Education and Support: Our physiotherapists will provide education and support to help the patient understand their condition and manage symptoms effectively. This may include advice on how to reduce the risk of falls, how to maintain good posture, and how to perform daily activities safely.

  • Offer Advice for Carers and Family Members: If needed, our physiotherapists can also offer advice for carers and family members, helping them to understand the condition and provide the best possible support.

Our mobile physiotherapy services bring the care and support you need directly to your home, so you don’t have to worry about travelling to appointments. If you or a loved one is suffering from peripheral neuropathy, our chartered physiotherapists are here to help.